It is an "idea in action" to encourage further ideas, thoughts and feelings of a new paradigm : freedom of individual expression in relation to spiritual ideas, complementary health, ecology etc., deep questions and problems that are in all our minds today.
Our new 21st Century happens to coincide not only with a new Millennium, but also with a new Solar age ? the Aquarian age. These solar ages were recognised by one no less than Plato, who understood that planet Earth moves into a new zodiacal sign approximately every 2000 years. It is truly a momentous moment!
There is no doubt that there is a new "feel" over the past few years - a need for individuals to come forward and express themselves. Gone are the days when we, the public, sat quietly with our mouths tight shut, listening to long lectures from leaders in our society. We want, now, to contribute our viewpoint. Rulers can no longer hold sway over their minions as they did in the past, telling them how to think. Or if they do, they will tumble sooner or later.
ENTER the age of individual expression from the heart, self-responsibility, humanitarian concerns, global empathy and freedom of spirit - the Aquarian age.
Buttercup Connection invites us to create groups of individuals who are concerned and needing to express their concerns, sharing with others from their heart, not just to commiserate, but to seek positive outcomes and ideas. A new wave of understanding is sweeping the planet. We can each, individually and in groups, add to the swelling tide, reaching out across ethnic and religious groups to hold hands in our common humanity.
Let us leave confrontational polarities behind and seek to understand and rejoice in our individual differences, beliefs and customs. There is untapped strength and richness in our diversity. "Vive la difference!" as the French say.
When people come together, everyone has something to contribute. We are all interesting and creative beings with a viewpoint. Let's encourage it and hear it, and make sure that everyone has a chance to express their viewpoint and be heard. Above all. . . . Let us Think, Speak and Listen from the Heart!
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