The fundamental purpose of Buttercup Connections is to: "Help people find a better way of living" Buttercup Connections seeks to do this by encouraging the establishment of groups that:
  • Are autonomous and self-responsible
  • Share and uphold the common set of values put forward by Buttercup and operate in a way that allows people to seek a better way of living through sharing views in an open and non-invasive way, that encourages unconditional love and respect and helps people move beyond judgment and manipulation.
  • Can link with other groups if they wish to or remain self contained.
  • Have arrangements in place that enable the group to operate and develop in a sustainable way.
All that would be required to start a group would be a person or people who are willing to be responsible for:
  • Organising and inviting people to meetings.
  • Organising a venue and refreshments.
  • Asking participants for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the group's meetings, events and activities.
  • Making arrangements to hold any monies belonging to the group so that they are safe (e.g. a bank account) and used only for their intended purpose. (It is usually helpful to keep records to demonstrate this is being done properly and to have transactions, particularly cash donations, checked and countersigned by another member).
  • Provide participants with access to material and information provided by the Buttercup Connection network.
  • Facilitating the discussion in the early meetings to enable the group to decide:
    • What it wishes to do.
    • Whether it would like to establish smaller groups to:
      • A)Find ways to make life better by exploring within and learning from each other.
      • B)Find ways of making life better by reaching out to others who have similar views and others who have different views to increase communication and understanding in our world.
    • Whether the group wishes to link and communicate with other Buttercup groups.
    • Whether it wishes to organise events for its own group members.
    • Whether it wishes to organise events to which others are invited.
    • Whether it wishes to provide information and materials for its own participants and other Buttercup groups.
    • Whether it wishes to make voluntary contributions to the cost of resources provided to it by other Buttercups groups.
    • Whether it wishes to ask other Buttercup groups to make voluntary contributions for resources it provides for them.
Once you have done this your group will begin to establish its own direction and emphasis and you will need to ensure responsibilities for the action to support the group are appropriately shared between participants.
If you would like to talk to someone about starting your group, or put information about your events or activities on this website please contact the Malvern group via Helena on +44(0)787 203 8088 or by e-mail at
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