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Health Supplements :
Vitamin and mineral supplements from Natures Own
A regularly updated site containing channelled material by H-A, a source of higher consciousness, whose wisdom-philosophy is offered to support humankind in its quest for wholeness. It is founded on freedom of the spirit, unconditional love and forgiveness, and respect for all. Offered freely through the site, H-A's teachings are channelled through Tony Neate, a highly respected, internationally known teacher and healer of 45 years. The site also includes meditations by Helen Lees, book reviews, access to The School of Channelling, College of Healing & Runnings Park, Cytoplan supplements, ethical insurance & financial services, & mandalas etc.
College of Psychic Studies
Founded in 1884, the College is an educational charity. We seek to promote spiritual values and a greater understanding of the wider areas of human consciousness, welcoming the truths of all spiritual traditions and, equally, each and every individual. The College programme, published each term, details Lectures, Workshops, Special Events, Private Consultations and Healing Programmes available for members and non-members
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