To start your group simply do the main steps listed below, we can also provide you with other practical hints and tips to help your group run well and smoothly.
The process is simple. Let the original group know you'd like to start a group. They will provide help if you need it - just ask. They will give you a list of all the get-togethers they have had and make sure you're kept in touch with what they are doing in the future. They will let others know of your group.
From our experience it has become clear that a number of practicalities are necessary to run a Buttercup Connection Group: Each group needs a local initiator - someone who takes responsibility for starting it up. As the group develops it is useful to ask for volunteers who take responsibility to:
  1. Arrange a place to meet, open up prior to starting, ensure the heat is on, and close up when the group is finished,
  2. Organise drinks and/or food when necessary
  3. Let everybody know the time, place and subject matter of each get-together.
  4. Ask for voluntary contributions at each meeting to meet the costs and expenses that will inevitably arise
  5. Look after the groups money and pay expenses.
  6. Produce a newsletter if the group would like one
  7. Organise a web site if the group would like one
  8. Organise workshops if required by the group
  9. If you end up drawing information or resources from other groups or individuals, remember to recognise and reimburse any costs they incur. If you provide to others ask for a voluntary contribution.
Other than that enjoy your route to a better way of living.
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