Buttercup Connection was originally started in Malvern UK by a group of people who knew there must be a better gentler way of approaching life, ourselves and the world around us. They organised a room in which to meet and invited their friends and colleagues along one evening to talk about this. The discussion ranged over many interesting issues but gradually consensus was reached on the need for some kind of open network to:
  • Provide a facility to share each of our views in an open, non-invasive way
  • Free the spirit through unconditional love and respect, moving beyond judgment and manipulation
In terms of background, for many this has been given birth through a number of forward-looking teachings currently bringing forth the vision and energy of the age of Aquarius. These include the H-A philosophy, channelled for nearly 50 years through Tony Neate; Conversations with God through Neale Donald Walsch and a Course in Miracles received through Dr Helen Schucman, etc. With further discussion the group thought there were a number of aims:
  • To connect spiritually in a way that is relevant for today
  • To acknowledge, work with if necessary and release all limiting, fear-based memories - transforming positively into the future.
  • To encourage a wake-up call to the human spirit within each one of us.
  • To recognise that true healing comes about through releasing the innate art of self-healing from within.
  • To enable individuals to discover their own inner beliefs about life and why we are here.
  • To share inspirational teachings and understanding from all philosophies dedicated to unconditional love.
  • To recognise and respect the spirit within all other life forms.
  • To learn to love ourselves, thereby loving others.
What happened next
Initially the group decided to hold meetings to develop their ideas in Malvern, Worcestershire in the UK and elsewhere if requested. From these meetings a number of things emerged: Firstly they planned and held a conference in Malvern in May 2002 for anyone interested and to share with each other in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. From this and the meetings that followed it was agreed to:
  • Prepare and send a newsletter to all who are interested, using the Internet, or by post to non-computerites.
  • Set up evening talks/workshops, as appropriate, to explore aspects of what buttercup associates and others can offer, looking also at new approaches to health, healing, nutrition and other forms of complementary medicine.
  • Be open to all ideas and ways of seeing the whole, always with spiritual tolerance and understanding.
  • Create and interact with a network of groups exploring various approaches to spiritual discovery.
  • Publish, either in book form and/or on the Internet, inspirational material that will help us to find our way forward into freedom, in a way that will contribute to a growing spiritual resource world-wide.
  • Work towards establishing an open type of relationship in which all people can become part of the vision without being tied to old-fashioned boundaries of 'membership'.
Since then people involved, particularly Tony and Ann Neate have been out and talked about these ideas to people all over the UK and in other countries too. Other groups are being established all the time.
There is a coordinating group in Malvern who are working to put the infrastructure in place to support the network. If you wish to contact the coordinating group (names in the contacts section of this website) or get further details about Buttercup Connections you can do this by contacting Helena on +44(0)787 203 8088 or by e-mail at info@buttercupconnections.com
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