One of the principles that buttercup connections decided to embrace, was to try and become, as far as possible, an aquarian organisation. At the start it was not clear what that meant, but as we've gone forward we have worked out some of the key principles which include, for example:
  • Having Associates rather than Members
  • Sharing responsibility for what needs to be done rather than always leaving it to ?somebody else?
  • Offering what we can do and declining what we can't do
  • Respecting peoples differences and individuality
  • Being flexible rather than dogmatic
Another area where these principles are emerging is with the way Buttercup Connection runs its finances. Another key principle is to:
  • Respect people's contribution by taking responsibility for making appropriate voluntary contributions to cover their expenses and time.
So in terms of financing your groups activities make it a principle to ask for voluntary contributions according to what people can afford. If there are significant expenses tell people what they are. You will need to do this at each of your gatherings or events. People soon get used to it. The Malvern group has soon been able to build up a small amount of money that is can use to provide new things to and for people who participate in the group.
If you do ask for or get benefit from contribution from another group or individual remember also to think about whether it is appropriate for you or your group to make some kind of contribution to them.
In the end the underlying principle which fundamental to an aquarian organisation is the value of SELF RESPONSIBILTY.
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